Welcome to The Teacher and the Preacher. I’m the teacher, Harold Berman . . . And I’m the Preacher, Dave McGarrah . . .

And so the dialogue begins each week. As a faithful Orthodox Jew in Israel and a devout Christian pastor in Idaho, bound together by a love of God’s word, we discuss the full range of the Bible, critical issues in our society, Israel, ideas for living a better life, and the questions our listeners bring to us – if it’s about God and His world, it’s a topic for The Teacher and the Preacher.

We are a unique phenomenon on the airwaves – a Christian and a Jew in ongoing dialogue – celebrating our many commonalities but never shying away from the differences. We offer our listeners insights into each other’s faiths that don’t come up much elsewhere, that can only come through sincere conversation. Our weekly discussion is more than a program about a topic. It’s a demonstration of how God can bring two people two people together from 9,000 miles away to bridge the differences, learn from each other, and strengthen our own faiths. Some have called it “a miracle before our eyes” – and we get to share this miracle with 100,000 listeners, and growing, every single week.

Every Sunday, our listeners learn how each faith understands key passages in the Bible, how we often use the same Biblical terms but mean something very different, what is happening in Israel today from an on-the-ground perspective and how it affects our world, and what each faith has to say about strengthening our families, living in brotherhood, and deepening our relationship with God.


Sundays at 9:00 AM Mountain time on KLTT, 670 AM, Denver; 6:30 PM. Pacific time on KPDQ 93.9 FM, Portland; and 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM Mountain time on KBXL, 94.1 FM, Boise.We invite you to tune in, and if you live outside these areas, you can live stream from the stations’ web sites. Or feel free to browse this web site for our archived broadcasts insights.

Denver – Sunday mornings at 9 AM KLTT – 670/AM

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Boise / Treasure Valley 10:30 AM and again at 7:30 PM Sunday evenings – KBXL – 94.1 FM