The Teacher And The Preacher

About Us

Each week, 9,000 miles apart, Harold Berman in Israel joins Pastor Dave McGarrah in Idaho to bridge the distance between Jews and Christians. Broadcasting from KBXL to 100,000 listeners across the country and around the globe via live stream, a Christian pastor and an Orthodox Jew seek to inspire and enlighten, opening listeners’ minds and hearts to deeper levels of faith. Always respectful, but never shying away from real differences, ours is a new kind of religious dialogue based on authentic understanding and mutual respect.

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Radio Stations

Boise / Treasure Valley 10:30 AM and again at 7:30 PM Sunday evenings – KBXL – 94.1 FM

If you live outside these three areas, you can still listen to the show during these times, streamed live on the stations’ web sites.
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